Payments and Refund Policy for Traineeships

Payments and Refund Policy for Traineeships

Article I. Traineeship Payments

(a) Traineeship Pricing Strategy

  • To pursue a fellowship/traineeship/observership under the Priority or Sponsored Category, you will need to pay the “program fee”.
  • The cost of the programs (program fee) is listed on the traineeship posting page.
  • The program fee shown on the posting page includes “tuition/administration fee” and “service fee”.
  • As of January 1, 2020, Trialect charges anywhere from $100-$300 USD as service fee (included in the final costs shown on the posting).
  • The tuition fee is routed to the host institute/host mentor by Trialect.
  • The total fee depends on the duration of weeks of the training program and other factors based on the pre-negotiated rates with the host institute.
  • The fee has to be paid at once before the start of training within the stipulated time shown on the invoice.
  • The applicants who are selected under the Merit Category need not pay any fee to Trialect; however, they will have to take care of their travel and accommodation.
Payment of the fee does not automatically entitle you with the traineeship as even after the approval by the Trialect and the host mentor, the host institute administrative offices could cancel the traineeship program due to various reasons.

(b) Pricing Differences

You may notice some variation in prices on Trialect based on the payment gateways, such as credit card payment through Stripe, wire transfer, and PayPal. The fee differences are due to the payment gateway fee or PayPal fee or credit card surcharge or wire transfer fee. To make sure that variations in price don't hurt your experience on Trialect, we're committed to transparency, and the final price is displayed on the invoice based on the payment gateway you choose. You'll always pay exactly the amount you see on the invoice. All prices are in the United States Dollars ($; USD). There are no other hidden fees.

Article II. Program Cancellation and Refund Policies

For details on cancellation and refund deadlines and policies, please read the contents below carefully:

(a) Violation of Terms of use

We treat violations of our Terms of Use and Compliance Policies very seriously, including, but not limited to, solicitation, or contacting the host mentor without Trialect's approval. We are in no way obligated to offer refunds to users who are found to be in violation of these terms, even if their requests are made within the designated refund period for any reason.

(b) Non-Refundable Service Fee

Trialect will retain a non-refundable service fee of USD 299, which is already included in your final fee, irrespective of the outcome of your application. However, Trialect may consider applying your service fee to another program of your choice in the next 24 months, at its sole discretion, should you decide to cancel the program for reasons specified under the section on reasonable refund request (Article II, Section c). Please contact Trialect at in case you wish to apply the previously paid service fee to another traineeship program.

(c) Reasonable Refund Request

Trialect, at its sole discretion, may consider the “tuition fee” refund for the following reasons.
  1. Visa rejection
  2. Death or severe illness of the applicant
  3. Host mentor/host institute rejects the applicant
  4. Total lack of correspondence by the host mentor as determined by Trialect
  5. Host mentor terminating the program contract with Trialect
  6. Within ten days of payment- no reason needed.
Trialect is not responsible for scheduling conflicts with the host mentor or any other personal reasons not specified above.

(d) Cancellation of the fellowship

In case of cancellation of the fellowship program by the applicant for the reasons not stated under the section on reasonable refund request (Article II, Section c), the applicant reserves no right to refund. Trialect, at its sole discretion, can consider refund except for the service fee of $299 USD, which can be applied to another program of your choice in 24 months from the payment date. In addition, Trialect can levy a fee of 30% of the host administration/tuition fee for all cancellations and you need to take the permission of the host mentor. You will not be able to get a refund in case the host mentor does not agree. For example, if you paid $1500, $299 of the Trialect service fee can be applied to another program in the future, and $400 (30%) of the host program fee will be retained and $800 will be refunded. In case, you decide to pursue another program later on that costs you $1500. You just need to pay $1200 as Trialect, at its sole discretion, can chip in the service fee of $299 that you previously paid.

(e) Timelines for Refund

Usually it takes 30 days to refund your monies by wire transfer or credit card. You are solely responsible for the incoming and outgoing wire transfer/PayPal/other fee irrespective of the outcome of the application when you claim refund.

(f) Reasons for rejecting refund

All refunds are at the discretion of Trialect Inc. Some of the instances where the applicant reserves no right to refund include, but not limited to:
  • Cancellation of the fellowship by the applicant.
  • Rescheduling of the fellowship by the applicant.
  • Not scheduling the fellowship within one year of payment.
  • Delayed response by the host mentor.
  • Non-availability of mutually available schedules between host mentor and the applicant.
  • Violation of terms of use and compliance policies.
  • Scheduling conflict with the host mentor.
  • Program not meeting the expectations of the applicant.
  • Terminating the program prematurely either before or after the start.
  • All other causes that are not captured above.

Article III. Scheduling

(a) Contacting the Host Mentor

You are expected to contact the host mentor within one week of clearance from Trialect. If you don’t get any response within 2 weeks, you are again supposed to contact the host mentor for scheduling. If you don’t get any response despite two attempts at least two weeks apart, please do not hesitate to seek our help at . You are eligible for a refund as described in the Article II, Section C if you don’t get any response within one month of connecting the host mentor if you don’t get any response from the host mentor. you are expected to copy in your correspondence with the host mentor at all times.

(b) Scheduling the fellowship

You have to be flexible with the host mentor schedules and please feel free to schedule the program at a mutually agreeable time period. Trialect is not responsible for the host mentor’s lack of flexibility as it is your responsibility to work with the host mentor. You have to schedule your fellowship with one year of payment of the fee unless your host mentor moves the schedule.

(c) Rescheduling of the fellowship

You are allowed to reschedule the fellowship if your host mentor agrees, but you forfeit all rights for a refund in case you decide to cancel the program later on.
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