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Applicant Testimonials

Hear from a few of our program applicant members.
Excellent exposure and learning experience
The host mentor is a clinician-scientist par excellence and a passionate teacher who took all possible steps to teach us in a holistic and fruitful way. His passion for neurology, stroke and neurosonology is beyond compare and it inspired me a lot. I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to learn under his mentorship. I was involved in observing patient ward rounds with both the Neurology general and Neurology stroke teams. I also received both basics and advanced training on transcranial Doppler and carotid ultrasound. I feel blessed to get a wonderful mentor like him and I am highly grateful. I am very grateful to sir for the awesome traineeship and would be always thankful to him.
I had a great experience
I had a great experienced during my visit to HIV molecular research lab. Prof. Carsten as my mentor - he was so kind, humble and very enthusiastic to his students including me. He has taken care of me and provided many facilities that made me very comfortable. Moreover, I was surrounded by great colleagues in a very nice environment. In the part of work, I had learned so many techniques and I had an opportunity to do the lab project individually. I am so blessed to be there. Finally, the only thing that I could consider as a disadvantage in this program is some of the applicants may not get a chance to do this program due to lack of financial support - Anucha Sangwiman, Mahidol Univ. Thailand (I am okay to be contacted by future fellows)
Had a great time in my stay
Had a great time in my stay at Pordenone and learned a lot. My hosts were very supportive and taught me a lot. We had an immersive experience in the department functioning and were part of all their daily morning meetings and could observe all procedures and assist in some .Dr Mario and Dr Carlo gave us detailed explanations on the procedure methodology and also we were part of some of the paper publications of the group. Dr Mazza, the head of the department , and Dr Zuccon , head of intervention and bronchoscopy, were also very supportive. I had also traveled to Florence, Venice, and Rome during the weekends and got to see a lot of Italian culture and history. Warm regards and much Thanks again for helping me to have this wonderful experience.

Program Host Testimonials

Hear from a few of our program host members.
I feel honored to be a part of this community
I now host Trialect short-term trainees for more than 2 years, and it's been a great experience. I feel honored to share with them our knowledge and skills, so that they can apply it back in their institutions.
Mickaƫl OHANA Univ. of Strasbourg, France
Working with Trialect has been a great pleasure
Working with Trialect has been a great pleasure since I strongly believe that this fellowship program is a unique opportunity for young orthopedic surgeons from all around the world to improve their skills, stimulate research, and develop collaboration by placing them in the best teaching centers. In addition, scientific and cultural exchange with fellows is the best way to establish lifelong friendships.
Michael Hantes ESSKA Gen. Secretary, Orthopedics
This is by far the cleanest template
and the most well structured
I am pleased and honored to help promising young fellows to publish their projects and to learn the basical concepts of evidence-based medicine. I take great pride of my fellows as all of them published at least a paper in indexed journals.
Antonio Facciorusso Univ. of Foggia, Italy
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